Srin Madipalli

I'm a technology entrepreneur, executive and investor who was the founder / CEO of a startup that exited to Airbnb in 2017. I'm a former corporate lawyer with an MBA, a genetics degree and some web development skills.

What I Do


I'm the founder of an AI focused venture studio called People & Robots. Previously, I founded a startup called Accomable, which exited to Airbnb in 2017.


I'm an advisor to a range startups and VCs; and also advise established companies on new opportunities in technology. I also mentor at several incubators and accelerator programmes such as the Oxford Foundry and the Creative Destruction Lab.


I'm an active angel investor and part of several investor networks. I'm sector and geography agnostic and primarily focused on investing in smart, determined and gritty founders working on tough problems.

Speaking and advocacy

As someone who's lived with a severe physical disability his entire life, I spend a lot of time on advocacy work relating to disability inclusion in the workplace, helping tech companies get better with accessibility and sharing my experiences of being an entrepreneur with a disability. I'm on the board of leading advocacy groups in the UK and US and recently became an Advisory Board member at Included VC, which aims to help people from unrepresented groups find roles in the VC sector.